We are a professional training organization creating leaders who are transforming business from a mindset of fear to a mindset of love.

Our organization helps you and your staff develop the tangible skills that empower you to understand what true self leadership from love is all about, how it can actually work in – and powerfully for – your business. You know what functioning from fear looks like: anxiety within decision making regarding money, hiring and firing; exhausting work hours; competitive stress and fear of failure. Can you even imagine what operating from love would look like?

We train individuals and organizations to create sustainability and profitability from a mindset of love versus the mindset of fear that has dominated our lives, our businesses, our very existence.

Using the Q.U.E.S.T. model to shift to a Mindset of Love shifts every aspect of your business:

  • Profitability
  • Sustainability
  • Communication
  • True Service

The Core Team

We are a small group of passionate individuals with vast human experience in doing business, running companies and engaging relationships predominantly from a mindset of fear. We know first-hand fear doesn’t work – it simply fails to deliver the genuine satisfaction, deep fulfillment, enthusiasm, joy and true freedom we all yearn for.

We have been using the Think Love Q.U.E.S.T. Model for many years (both with ourselves and clients) to transform that endlessly dissatisfying and stressful mindset of fear to the empowering and profoundly liberating mindset of love.

Our team is 100% committed to supporting individuals and organizations, from entry-level employees to Executives and CEOs, in learning how to do actual business from a true mindset of love.

Because true success means not settling for anything less.

Catherina O’Gorman is the Founder and consciousness of Think Love Education.  A  lifelong committed practitioner of a Mindset of love, in both her own life and the lives of all her clients – People from all walks of life, from CEOs, Head’s of Universities, Entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities to teachers, scientists, Executive Coach’s, Manager’s, Dr’s and school children – whom she has been serving for over almost 20 years.

Once an elite Olympic-bound athlete for New Zealand, Catherina has been described by clients as lovingly relentless and unyielding in the face of the almost imperceivable lies the clever ego tells us that cause so much suffering in our everyday lives. She’s a fearless warrior of love with a samurai heart trained to effectively dissolve the dense fear-based thinking the ego holds you captive to.

Catherina’s deeply painful childhood of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse at the hands of well-intentioned but often fear-minded parents led to years of depression and suicidal-thoughts at age 19.

These painful formative years also enabled her to understand the importance of her life’s mission: to be an embodied expression of a mindset of love without conditions in every facet of her life.

Influenced by her mother’s intuitive abilities and her father’s integrity, confidence and ease in creating financial abundance, Catherina weaved in and out of successful professional ventures throughout her 20s. She created, owned and operated an affluent art gallery in Brisbane, Australia, studied social welfare and was accepted into law at University, (she quickly realized she was here to teach Universal Law) and promptly left, later managed major fashion stores, United Colors of Benetton and Jigsaw of London.

By 30, after she had married and had a daughter and spent years engaging work that brought her financial success yet never quite fulfilled on her soul’s true purpose, Catherina arrived at the clear conviction to live solely in service to love.

Crystal clear and unstoppable in her truth, within days of her 30th birthday she attracted the opportunity to run Australia’s first Life Coaching Training Company.

Shortly after she took this position (where she thought she could finally rest) she was abruptly confronted with her highest calling: creating her own new paradigm coach training program, “A Q.U.ES.T. For Greatness”

She’s since spent the last 18+ years delivering A Q.U.E.S.T. for Greatness to people all over the world.

A Master in trusting the heart’s wisdom, Catherina’s piercing clarity comes from a lifetime of questioning the fear-based thoughts rampant in her own mind. She developed this transformational practice into the Q.U.E.S.T. model (aka “A Q.U.E.S.T. For Greatness”), which allows the subtle, deeper wisdom of the heart to be truly heard.

Catherina is tenacious in hounding you till you own the value of your own soul.  She will show up for you in ways you haven’t yet shown up for yourself … until you do. There is nothing more important to her than the true freedom of our ONE human soul.

In 2006, Catherina foundered an educational company called Think Love (now Think Love University) with her twin-soul partner Gerry, with the intention to share the message of love based thinking wherever they go. They travel the world, taking individuals and small groups on Intensive love-based retreat/adventures whilst delivering her core Program’s, A Quest For Greatness, Personal/Self Mastery/Coach and Trainer trainings.

Now deeply committed, more so then ever before, to training a global delivery team of “A Q.U.E.S.T. For Greatness” Coach’s and Trainers to infiltrate every sector of our society, to ultimately influence the hearts and minds of us all, by creating a practical grounded new paradigm of “Love in action” in our collective consciousness.  Catherina believes without love of self, we cannot love each other, let alone our planet and all her creatures.  Without Love leading, we do have life on this planet.  Fear based consciousness, is not a sustainable way for anyone of us to live.

Her very personal commitment to herself as a woman and a mother is to “Inspire, Educate, and Transform (through living her example) the way we think speak and act towards ourselves.  Her now 21 year old daughter Madeline is her greatest teacher and inspiration to truly live, “loving herself” (sooooo deeply), that she influences her and all others to do the same.  she believes there is NO OTHER WAY, to true FREEDOM, then full LOVE and ACCEPTANCE OF SELF~

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

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