Think Love University Self leadership Staff Training program uses the core Q.U.E.S.T. model to create a coherent mindset of love-based self-leadership throughout your organization.

By training your executives, managers and staff at every level to be self-managed, self-inspired leaders, enthusiastically empowered to take personal responsibility for transforming the company’s culture to an authentic mindset of love-in-action, every aspect of your business is affected:

  • Profitability (e.g. Learn how to increase sales without selling a thing)
  • Sustainability (e.g. increase staff retention and innovation by creating self-managed leaders in energizing business environments)
  • Communication (e.g. Eradicate the bullying, blaming, gossiping, resenting, dysfunctional communication, etc. that negatively affects every aspect of your business.)
  • True Service: (e.g. Create a powerful culture of awareness around where you are in your delivery of your service/product to customers; Learn to embrace your biggest challenges – including your most difficult customers – as your greatest opportunities.)
  • When employees are taught to operate from universal love and truth, it creates an environment without fear. This environment enhances the ability to express with unlimited creativity and collaboration instead of fear and competition. A supportive environment is created. The environment attracts like minded people ... therefore building a dynamic company.

    Kathy ElliottIT Business Systems and Application Development Manager