• QUEST is an amazingly profound and simple way of shifting our negative thoughts to positive thoughts. It is a practice of keeping loving thoughts at the forefront of every interpretation, response, perception, reaction and reminder. It is a way of being in communion with oneself at all times. I have learned through my training that what this is really referring to is the transformation of Limiting thoughts to Limitless thoughts, from painful thoughts to loving thoughts. Through the QUEST process we learn to become acutely aware of our Limiting thoughts, which are our ego/mind telling us distorted perceptions about self, or inaccurate beliefs influenced by years of stories and lies. By analyzing what we believe, feel and how we behave we get in deeper touch with the limiting thought. From this stage it becomes obvious for me to see the limitless thought formulate. Then connecting again with the belief, feeling and behavior of this limitless thought, it becomes a clear possibility and the commitment to shifting solidifies.And so it is…a journey of strengthening the awareness from within. Learning to live in the truth of who you are! Finding the strength of your voice so as to only and always speak your truth! Knowing your inner guidance (intuition) as your best friend! Balancing the divine feminine and masculine as your two predominant personality traits! Only and always putting Love at the forefront of intention!I am in deep gratitude of QUEST. I have a strength and clarity of who I am like never before.

    Karin FrostInventor of ErgoBaby
  • Q.U.E.S.T. [reminded me that] the core of who I am is a being of Love. That is the truth of who I am. I have felt that in my mind, and lived it many times in my heart, for close to 30 years. But a new level of awakening to this truth happened for me during my Journey.Catherina is masterful in helping you see how the patterns playing out in personal and business relationships are such clear mirrors of aspects of our own ego.It also became clearer and clearer that a strong pattern in me remains of failing to accept my own feelings, and therefore not to express them at times in appropriate ways.The investment you make to your own soul’s evolution, the caring, skillful facilitation and intuitive coaching of Catherina (and Gerry too) cannot be valued just in dollars.What is the value of a life of freedom through love? Millions of people the world over have risked death and tragedy in the name of finding freedom in a new land. We can find it in our own heart.

    Bruce Cryerformer CEO, HeartMath
  • By helping to remove the feeling of fear, the Q.U.E.S.T. model allows you to be braver in making decisions, innovating and standing up for your own thoughts. It enables you to do all of this through a position of absolute respect – respect for self and for colleagues. Q.U.E.S.T. encourages you to listen and not judge (again, yourself and others), to encourage deeper, more productive conversations. It helps you be a better leader and encourage others to speak up, be brave and realise their own motivations.

    Sarah PayneSarah works with leaders of blue chip companies, SMEs, not-for-profits and educational establishments with 15 years of experience in leadership development, recruitment and HR Consulting and 9 years of experience as a coach
  • In my experience corporate life happens at break neck pace and leaves very little time for thinking and reflection. Often I experience people frustrated with the results they get from the way they behave but they do not take the time to consider other options. I think QUEST makes you think and question who you are and what you bring to the world. It’s opening my eyes to the ways I hold myself back from living my potential. It’s unpicking the distorted thinking I’ve developed over the years and helping find more useful ways to think and be.

    Nikki HinksmanDirector and Coach, In Focus
  • When employees are taught to operate from universal love and truth, it creates an environment without fear. This environment enhances the ability to express with unlimited creativity and collaboration instead of fear and competition. A supportive environment is created. The environment attracts like minded people ... therefore building a dynamic company.

    Kathy ElliottIT Business Systems and Application Development Manager
  • I did my first QUEST training session in the midst of taking a company public. I am a CEO and a CMO. Very rare to be holding two high demand, high stress jobs at the same time, particularly as one is about to go public. I’m also a dad and a husband. The externalities and demands on my life are unrelenting. I immersed myself into working with Catherina at the apex of activity in every aspect of my life.This is where the program meets you. Right in the action. Right where you are.QUEST is an immersion program into the discovery of what drives your truth. It’s dirty, gritty, glorious work, that takes place right on the battlefield of your life.[Now] when I am in front of a bunch of Wall Street Bankers, to not try to be what I think they want me to be, but rather to be the radiant expression of who I am. My truth. This work isn’t about telling the truth. It’s about living the truth. When you get a taste of that, it’s quite sublime.

    Lucas DonatCEO of tinyREBELLION